Calzedonia Group and Wise Equity fund are pleased to announce the signing of a binding contract for the acquisition of Cantiere del Pardo (“CdP”), a leading manufacturer of premium sailing and motor yachts. The Calzedonia Group thus expands its activities in the field of Italian excellence. The meeting with the historical managers, Fabio Planamente and Gigi Servidati, who will maintain a minority stake in the company, the sharing of vision on the future development of the Shipyard, together with the opportunity to strengthen experience in the industrial, organizational as well as distribution fields favored the decision to conclude the operation.

Founded in 1973, Cantiere del Pardo has a history of great success and international recognition. Since its inception it has launched over five thousand boats under the Grand Soleil brand and more recently, with the Pardo Yachts and VanDutch Yachts brands. Cantiere del Pardo is recognized as one of the best manufacturers of luxury yachts in the world, thanks to its history and tradition, profound construction knowledge and the iconic design of its models.

The company has grown significantly since the arrival of Wise Equity (“Wise”) as an investor in 2020, both in revenues and in corporate structure. In particular, the success of Pardo Yachts line of motor boats, conceived internally and developed with the collaboration of prestigious design studios, can be considered one of the greatest successes in the recent history of Boating Industry given the significant growth from the introduction of the first model in 2017 to the sales forecast of over 150 yachts in the last year. Servidati and Planamente, the two managers and contributors of CdP’s success, will remain partners of the company, continuing the current development strategy based on quality, tradition values, service excellence and attention to sustainability challenges set out in the pleasure boating sector.

With the arrival of Calzedonia Group, Cantiere del Pardo will pursue international growth and the development of new models, with even greater attention to quality and excellence of service both for the distribution network as well as the end customer. CdP will continue to invest in sustainability, innovation and research and development, starting from its advanced production sites and its unparalleled human recourses.

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